Visual Stress   


What is Visual Stress?

Visual stress causes eye problems for as many as 15% of the UK population and it can co-exist with dyslexia. Approximately 50% of individuals diagnosed with dyslexia are also affected by these visual perceptual difficulties.

Visual stress is caused by the way in which the brain interprets the visual information that is being received through the eyes. Experiencing visual stress prevents many people from reading effectively and efficiently. Individuals with visual stress perceive reading material and/or their environment differently. They must constantly make adaptations or compensate for their eye problems. Individuals are often unaware of the extra energy and effort they are putting into reading and perception.

At Personal Development Solutions our accredited IrlenĀ® screeners can offer assessments to help identify symptoms of visual stress. The screening process will identify a suitably coloured IrlenĀ® filter to help reduce and manage these symptoms. This colour-based technology allows offensive light waves to be filtered out, so the brain can accurately process visual information.

These filters can assist in improving:

  • Reading fluency
  • Reading speed
  • Reading comprehension
  • Handwriting.

Irlen® screening can be offered as part of a full diagnostic dyslexia assessment. As part of this package you will receive a FREE Irlen® filter of your choice.

Please contact us for further details.

Common Symptoms of Irlen Syndrome / Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome

  • Poor reading comprehension
  • Skipping words or lines
  • Reading slowly or hesitantly
  • Re-reading text unintentionally
  • Needing frequent breaks when reading
  • Avoiding reading
  • Eye strain
  • Poor concentration
  • Lack of attention
  • Strain working at a computer
  • Text "jumping" on the page
  • Feeling fatigued when reading/using the computer
  • Headaches from:- reading, computers, lighting, TV, supermarket lighting
  • Difficulty reading music
  • Difficulty writing on a line
  • Unequal spacing when writing.

Examples of Text Distortion